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Juliana Morgado's Signing

Join author Juliana Morgado at Little Professor on Sunday August 4 from 2-4pm for a singing of her book The Many Worlds of Rorlitzer Screw.

“In secret worlds connected to our own there are ageless creatures that know each of us intimately well. Tasked only to observe and instructed never to interfere, they monitor us from afar throughout our lives. I have one. You have one. And on a curious quest through the unknown, eleven-year-old Collin meets his. Its name is Rorlitzer Screw.

Prompted by the awakening of his father’s long-held secrets, Collin follows a trifecta of tiny golden animals out of his bedroom window and into dangerous worlds unexplored by most humans. In order to make it home alive, he’ll have to survive hungry monsters and threatening terrain. Hardest of all—with Rorlitzer Screw ever at his side—he’ll have to confront the realities of life, death, and the meaning of sacrifice.”